Why Choose JYGA ?

More Than 5 Years Of Experience In The Cleaning Industry.

At JYGA Cleaning, we have developed a unique process that ensures your asset is kept and maintained in the most pristine condition. The unique aspect of our proposal is that our partners are given a highly individualised service. 

Each commercial site under our control is attended by an intensively trained team of cleaners who genuinely care about how the facilities look and are presented. Our policy is to maintain the highest levels of quality standards by having a team of in-house specialists to ensure the standards are maintained and not dropped after a few months.

Not only are the properties serviced by a team of highly trained cleaners with a particular high standard of cleaning skills to ensure that you receive the quality of service that you expect; but also, we have site Supervisors for each commercial site, ensuring the cleaning standards are always being lifted and maintained. Furthermore, the service is personalised with a system of communication pads and performance measurement assessment sheets and regular follow up between our Supervisors and Management to address any issues that require immediate attention by our teams.

How It Works

Our Unique Process


Call us up!

You do not have to go through painful experiences that cost you time and money, call us today for a free (no obligation) assessment of your commercial property and enjoy the blessing of working with a team of people that genuinely care for your facilities


Preliminary clean

Upon starting a new contract, our teams always provide an initial deep clean of the facilities (free of charge) to ensure the standards are lifted to a point where they can be maintained to a high level. This will also guarantee that our supervisors receive the asset in their most optimal condition; hence, keeping a high standard of cleaning for every one of the sites under our control.


Let the cleaning commence

We have trained and equipped our teams to establish routines that satisfy our partners and guarantee the asset is kept in the most optimal condition. We also have trained Supervisors for every site, ensuring the standards are always maintained, safeguarding that every door gets locked properly after the teams have finished and confirming the alarms are activated each day.

 Our Services

Our Cleaning Services


Car Dealerships

We partner with some of the biggest brands in the industry. No job is too big for the JYGA Cleaning experts!.


Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs are prestigious organisations. We understand the importance of keeping all areas of the clubhouse clean and organised for all members and staff.



Restaurants and Bar Bistro areas require professional cleaning standards to operate. It is essential you ask for expert help!.



Hotel Cleaning includes removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities.


Buildings and office spaces

Office cleaning involves a full disinfection of all areas. Since 2020, we use only recommended chemicals that sanitise and are effective at killing a range of bacteria and viruses.


Commercial window cleaning services

Professional window cleaning services for all commercial and residential premises


commercial carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning includes removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities.


floor scrubing services

At JYGA, we provide specialised floor scrubbing services for any commercial site including warehouses, workshops and vehicle showrooms.

Showroom Cleaning

Spotless floors, shining windows and desks, the perfect package for you!


Installation of Sanitary Bins

Practical, durable and user-friendly. Slimline Design to Fit Neatly Alongside Toilet!

Installation of Deodorizers for toilets and other areas

Our automatic air freshener systems have aromas that are pleasant to the nose and refresh the bathroom air.

Installation and removal of all dispensers

Cleaning and replacing dispeners.

 Our Products

High Quality Hygiene products


Sanitary Bins

Practicle, Durable and user-friendly, Slimeline design to Fit Neatly Alongside Toilet!

air freshner

Air fresheners (automatic dispenser)

Our automatic air freshener systems have aromas that are pleasant to the nose and refresh the bathroom air.


Hand Wash Foam Dispenser

Cleaning and replacing dispensers